Sunday, January 27, 2013

appsbar Launches Game Module

appsbar, the free-to-use tool for creating and publishing tablet and Smart-Phone apps announced the launch of its dynamic new Game Module .

The new appsbar Game Module will allow you the ability to include games in your new and existing mobile apps. appsbar introduces this exciting new benefit by showcasing two interactive games.

“Memory Game” is a mobile replica of the time-honored “Concentration” card game where players select an image and then attempt to find its match. The game ends when all the matches have been found. App creators can upload their own images for the grid, making this a “customized” game for the app.

Similarly, “Puzzle Game” gives app creators the ability to upload their own images / logos that become shuffled pieces that are dragged and dropped back into form thereby completing the puzzle.

Since appsbar, launched in April, 2011, the app building community has grown to over 260,000 members. It empowers you to build Native and Web based mobile apps. Through its free app marketplace at, appsbar gives all app developers an opportunity to showcase and distribute their ideas to the ever-growing constituency of app users.

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